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Since the adoption of the unifying framework, CARE has been working to develop better analyses of the underlying causes of poverty and of the power relations associated with them.There are different types of analyses that can be incorporated within an overall situational analysis:
  • Context analysis
  • Analysis of the underlying causes of poverty (UCP) and social injustice
  • Analysis of the challenges and barriers to achieving the MDGs
  • Gender analysis
  • Power analysis
These different forms of analysis can and should be interrelated; for instance, an UCP analysis should speak to an MDG . Analyses should also occur at multiple levels, and with multiple stakeholder.

Resources Include:

Examples of UCP analyses

Below are examples of UCP analyses carried out in CARE. The UCP analyses that have been more "systemic" (as opposed to in-depth community gender/power analysis) are those modeled on Kathy McCaston's work that use the Unifying Framework as an analytic framework. CARE Egypt's is an example. Also, look at the case study from Latin America for a description of a region-wide effort for programmatic alignment based on UCP analyses.

Guide on how to use Unifying Framework by Kathy McCaston: This short paper provides some initial ideas
about how the Unifying Framework can be useful for CO long range strategic planning processes,
developing advocacy strategies, and designing effective projects and programs that will yield lasting impact. Examples from Mozamibque, Guatemala, and Lesotho.
Final Update on Using Unifying Framework Paper July 2005.doc
Guide on using the Unifying Framework for Mapping Millennium Development Goals
Kathy MDGs UF Mapping.ppt
Description of LAC's regional programmatic alignment processes based on MDGs and Analyses
Case study - LAC region.doc
Example of UCP analysis conducted in Egypt. Full UCP study is on CARE Egypt's Resource
Library or electronic "L Drive." For more information, contact Mohammed Nada, who led the Egypt UCP analysis.
Need to get file from Care-Egypt and upload here.
Description of process being undertaken in Laos
Need to get file from Alex
Brigitta's work on UCP that she has been doing in Nepal
UCP Study Nepal Draft for
Bangladesh SDU Methods documentation (Brigitta's work in Bangladesh)
Bangladesh SDU Methods BodePowerAnalysis.doc
SII Research Methods Compendium
SII Research Methods Compendium Outline.doc
CARE Ethiopia (Allison Napier)
Summary of UCPV-Pilot, BAHR DAR
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Sample ToRs for UCP analyses

Anyone who has sample ToRs for UCP analyses that have been conducted, please upload them here:

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