Name: Allison Burden
Job title: Senior Technical Advisor – Rights Based Approaches and Governance
Unit and location: Program Quality and Impact – Isle of Man
# of years are CARE: 5
Areas of knowledge and expertise related to the program shift:
(Explain what you are doing to advance your program shift, and what knowledge or expertise you are developing as a result of this work)

Underlying Causes of Poverty – particularly failing governance and social exclusion
Rights Based Approaches
Within CARE USA, I will be doing three things: first I will support Mali with their shift to the program approach and their role as a learning lab in West Africa. Second, I will work with others in the team to develop methods and guidance on analyzing and addressing underlying causes of poverty; third, I will use the experience of the shift to explore specifically the arena of governance in CARE and the work we are doing.
As a part of the communications work, I will play a role in sharing our work within the CARE International family and with our Rights Based Approach Reference Group.
Top three learning questions that you have related to the program shift:
(Learning questions are high level questions that emerge from major challenges or struggles that you still need to learn how to overcome)

Does the shift to the program approach really have greater impact upon poverty?
What does a theory of change really look like and how do we know that it has been proven true/false?
How do we marry our structures and systems to the program shift; what will need to change?
Things I like to do when I am not working: (list your hobbies or other
things you enjoy doing outside of CARE)

Walk the glens on the Isle of Man; go camping with my children; reading and volunteering for a development education organization – the One World Centre.
Contact information: (Email, office phone and extention, and cell phone)
+ 44 1624 816009
+ 44 7624 323 418
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