Name: here
Job title: Program Development and Quality Support Coordinator
Unit and location: CARE Ethiopia, Program
# of years at CARE: Nearly 8 years
Areas of knowledge and expertise related to the program shift:
So far, CARE Ethiopia with support from PIKL developed an action plan to our journey to the shift (CARE Ethiopia Great Run), we involved in the finalization of program quality/process indicators and survey question development, test and familiarization. In terms of knowledge and areas of expertize (even though we are not at the level of expertize), CARE Ethiopia has passed through defining impact population group and we are currently working on UCP/V - something to share on how CARE Ethiopia approached them.

Top three learning questions that you have related to the program shift:
//# Well, i think the new CSO legislation in Ethiopia brought a question into me - how the p-shift could be done as an international organization that is prohibited to do rights related development activities?
  1. What are the types of positions and set of skills required at different level in CARE Ethiopia as we shift to the program?
  2. How do we be capable to sustain long term programmatic commtiments to the impact population groups financially and in staffing?

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