Assessing Program Support

CARE’s recent audit results show areas where the level of performance can be improved. How efficiently and effectively we conduct our operations and manage the resources entrusted to us is a key part of our accountability to donors and the communities we serve. In this first year, Ubora’s program support indicators in most COs are intentionally very basic, primarily measuring at the process level and drawing on existing information. Learning Labs are testing 3 additional indicators, one that is more about basic management and two that directly relate to the program shift.

In future years, however, we plan for the program support indicators for all COs (not just Learning Labs) to become more robust and measure effectiveness. Moreover, we will have to consider the changes needed in current program support definitions, practices and expectations to enable the shift to a program approach, which will entail new types of program support measures of success. We will work with Learning Lab COs to begin to identify the types of changes needed, providing key lessons for the rest of the organization.

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