CARE International is one of the world’s top three aid agencies, fighting poverty and injustice in over 70 countries around the world and helping 65 million people each year to find routes out of poverty.

Our mission is to create lasting change in poor communities and we put money where it is needed most.
With more than 60 years’ practical and hands-on experience, our programmes tackle the deep-seated root causes of poverty, not just the consequences.

Changing people’s lives also means changing the world around them – so we work in partnership with businesses and governments all around the world to help them do their bit to confront poverty too. It’s an approach that has a much more sustainable impact than superficial quick fixes will ever do.

We believe passionately in the dignity of all people and make a long-term commitment to stay with the communities we work with until the job gets done. That’s because we deal with challenging and complex issues - like HIV and AIDS or conflict – that do not have quick-fix solutions. We know the sticking plaster approach to aid does not work.

When disaster strikes, we are also one of the first to respond, ensuring that aid gets to where it is needed most. We can do this because we’ve often been working in countries for many years, and we stay to help communities rebuild their lives long after the tv cameras have gone.

We are a pioneering organisation and have constantly improved our work and increased our impact over the years.


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