A meeting of the program shift was held in the CARE UK office from July 28th – 30th, 2008 to build awareness of what CARE’s program approach is and its implications for CARE UK’s program. Allison Burden, Senior Advisor, Rights Based Approach and Governance, and Michael Drinkwater, Senior Advisor, Program Approaches and Performance, from CARE USA updated staff on the shift to a program approach and helped regional and thematic teams think through the implications of the shift for their planning.

Main Activities

  • Presentations and question and answer (Q&A) sessions on the shift to a program approach
  • Exploring the implications of the shift to a program approach on CARE UK’s planning, ways of working with countries, RMUs and others as well as the priority themes of governance, private sector engagement and conflict
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities relating to the shift to the program approach broadly and within CARE UK’s priority themes


  • Shared understanding of the program approach
  • Potential contribution of CARE UK to the discussion on program quality and impact indicators
  • Recommendations on how to improve program shift coordination in CI
  • Development of ideas on how to engage and support the program approach
  • Identification of synergies between CARE UK’s priority themes of private sector engagement, governance and conflict and the program approach
  • Identification of roles and responsibilities and key connections at CARE UK level. They are: Roles and Responsibilities and key connections.doc

Next Steps

  • Implications and follow up actions of the program shift on priority themes planning are available in Annex 3.doc.

Other Meeting Materials

Full Meeting Report: CARE UK Report of Meetings.doc
Daily Meeting Evaluations: Meeting Evaluations.doc

Meeting Presentations:
Presentation on Historical Perspectives to the Shift to a Program.ppt
Presentation on Definition and Characteristics of a Program.ppt
Presentation on Performance Management Syste, Ubora.ppt
Presentation on Learning and Knowledge Sharing.ppt
Presentation on Whart is a Program.ppt

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