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CARE Austria, Association for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, was founded in 1986. CARE Austria is politically and ideologically independent. The team of CARE Austria currently consists of 30 employees.

Creation of CARE Austria
After World War II, Austria was in ruins; the people were starving. But, most important were the 1 million CARE packages that were distributed throughout the country. 40 years later, Austria was one of the richest countries in the world and was thus in a position to give assistance in the world who were also going through hardships. CARE Austria was founded in May 1986 as the eighth member of the international aid organization CARE. Today, headquartered in Vienna, CARE Austria has its hands in about 30 projects in Africa, Asia and South East Europe, basing their work on the ideology that lasting impact comes from helping others "help themselves".

50 million people could be helped
CARE Austria is one of twelve leading national independent organizations of CARE International, CARE Austria regularly supports the project work of CARE International and independent projects. Since its inception, CARE Austria has a total of 348 projects in 50 countries. CARE Austria since then has reached about 50 million people, not only aiding them physically, but helping them achieve a life of dignity.
CARE Austria receives about 69% of funding from public funds from the European Union, 12% of public funds from the domestic market, and 17% of funds account for donations from private sources. 89% of funds are invested directly into projects. 8% accounts for information and education, and 3% goes to administration.

Project work focus for CARE Austria in 2008 was in the Middle East. 44% of expenditure was focused here. 25% of expenditures went to projects in Asia, followed by Africa with 23%, and then Eastern Europe with 8%.


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