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CARE Brazil is a non-governmental organization that is part of CARE International, a network whose mission is to fight poverty. CARE has over 60 years of experience in promoting development around the world and is among the top three global NGOs. Today, the network operates in 72 countries and as of 2007, has impacted the lives of 50 million people.
CARE Brazil was founded in 2001, becoming the newest member of this network. In Portugal, the organization promotes local development in impoverished regions, both in rural and urban areas. The programs are located in the following states: Amazonas, Bahia, PiauĂ­, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

The guidelines CARE Brazil follows are:
  • To strengthen and boost the development of communities
  • Aim to empower, engage, build and increase the autonomy of individuals with access to rights
  • Help to build their future.


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