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CARE is one of the world's largest humanitarian organizations, helping over 55 million people in 70 countries. CARE in Denmark specializes in helping the world's poorest people adapt to climate change. Already today, millions flee droughts, floods, and cyclones around the world, which are only becoming more extreme.

CARE Denmark is an independent foundation, founded in 1987. The Fund has a Board, which appoints members to the Board of Trustees.
The CARE Danmark Secretariat live on Nørrebro in Copenhagen with Niels Tofte Secretary in charge of daily management. CARE Denmark has also a support with nearly 8000 members and a board. More than 23,000 people contribute to CARE's work in Denmark. In addition to this, the CARE Denmark receives a fixed allocation of monetary and project support from Danida, contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations. CARE Denmark spends 12 percent of revenue on administration, 6 percent on the collection and dissemination of information, and the rest go to projects in developing countries.


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