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CARE Germany-Luxembourg is a member of CARE International, an association of twelve self-CARE sister organizations in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Coordinated by a joint Secretariat in Brussels and supported by country offices and thousands of indigenous people, we reach people in more than 70 of the poorest countries.

Since its founding in 1980, CARE Germany-Luxembourg is supported by people who share our vision: a world in which hope, tolerance and social justice defeats poverty and allows people to live in dignity, peace and security. Private donors are crucial to the success of this work. National governments, the European Commission, UN-form organizations, and businesses and foundations also comprise of an important base of supporters without whom our assistance programs would not be possible.

We support stable international relations. Stable relations are the only permanent component for effective poverty reduction. We endorse the elimination of threats and the stabilization of individual countries - stemming not only from UN peacekeeping operations, but from a real desire for peace. As an active supporter of the transatlantic Deutsche Cooperation, we are trying to continue in the history of the tradition of the help we have received from Americans and Canadians after the Second World War. By preserving and strengthening the transatlantic network, we are making an active contribution. Since this is an efficient and internationally-approved organization, emergency policies and poverty reduction are essential. We welcome the cooperation of the international CARE organizations in Europe and countries to ensure that we become a pan-European force. By accomplishing this, we can only continue to improve upon poverty reduction and emergency relief.


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