In November of 2009, Country Offices and Deputy Regional Directors had meetings in Atlanta about CO structures as they related to p-shift. Care Bangladesh, Care Tanzania, Care Mali, Care Malawi, and Signature programs held presentations within their respective countries to suggest modifications and changes to current CO structures in order to accommodate and undertake p-shift operatives.

CO-DRDPS List of Members

The following is a conclusive list of members that attended the meetings held in November of 2009. These include the CD, DRD-PS, RD, PLC, and upcoming new CDs.

CO-DRDPS List of Members

Meeting Presentations

Picture1.jpg For informational and reference purposes, the powerpoint presentations used at the meetings are posted below.

Care Bangladesh

Care Tanzania

Care Malawi

Care Mali-WARMU

Mothers Matter in Andes

Program Shift Update

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