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Situational analysis - Underlying Causes of Poverty

Situational Analysis for Program Design Guidance Compendium

Diana Wu and Mary Picard, 2010

Capturing across its experiences on situational analysis, ECARMU has compiled a compendium of guidance, analysis frameworks and tools for situational analysis. This resource comes from contributions across COs in the region, as well as colleagues in CIUK, C-USA and other allies.

Regional Capacity-Building Exercise for Situational Analysis

Brigitta Bode, with Diana Wu, 2009

To support country offices within the region to engage situational analysis and design programs rooted in an understanding of the underlying causes of poverty, the region hosted a regional capacity-building initiative that spanned two workshops and follow-up visits. Led by consultant Brigitta Bode and involving CAREs Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda, the initiative walked through macro-level analysis frameworks relevant to East and Central Africa, alongside local level analyses and field exercises on power/the disaggregation of communities, livelihoods, governance and gender relations.

Impact Measurement Readiness Assessment (IMRA)

By: Tom Barton, Creative Research and Evaluation Centre, 2010

In April 2008, CARE launched a timely initiative to move to a programme approach. At the heart of this ambitious strategy is the concept of “measuring our contribution to lasting social change”. Seeking a viable way forward, ECARMU decided to carry out an impact measurement readiness / capacity assessment will all of its COs. The documentation below contains the results and methods of a six-month participatory research exercise carried out in FY10 on CO Impact Measurement capacities in the region.

Final Report

IMRA Final Report for ECARMU (2010)

IMRA Summary Report


Impact Readiness Self Assessment Tool

CO Visit Itineraries

CO Visit Questions

DM&E Status Check

Terminology Sheet


Program Initiative Questionnaire
Program Initiative Questionnaire
Minutes from Impact Group Task Force Meeting. CARE Ethiopia's Program Shift - October 9, 2008
Minutes from Impact Group TF

Analysis of CARE Burundi's Situation in relation to moving to a more Programmatic Approach
Care Burundi Situational Analysis

Outputs from Task Force Group A: Candidate Impact Group in Ethiopia
Matrix on Candidate Impact Groups in Ethiopia

PQ&L core functions for a CO
Core Functions PQ Learning ECA Draft

Draft TOR UCP, V analysis Somalia
Somalia TOR, UCP, V Analysis

Desk Review from Rwanda that shows how far they are in their transition to a program approach:
  • Preliminary findings from their UCP/V analysis (first level of analysis)
  • Draft TOC for their candidate impact groups
  • TOR for a situational analysis/UCP/V analysis that will help them decide which IGs to keep
Rwanda TOR, TOC, UCP, V Analysis

South Sudan UCPV Analysis Preparatory Workshop Report
South Sudan Workshop Report

A couple of documents to help in understanding issues around mainstreaming DRR in
development programing and for P2P processes in COs. The first provides several checklists that would
be very useful in integrating questions on disaster risks in tools that COs may develop to carry out
UCP/V assessments and identifying IGs. The second document draws lessons learned from various
organizations and countries where agencies attempted to address poverty and achieve sustainable change by mainstreaming DRR in poverty reduction programs.

Northern Uganda UCP/V Analysis Report
Uganda UCP/V Analysis

ECA Lessons Learned on Situational Analysis
Lessons Learned

TOR for Desk Review of Situational Analysis for South Sudan Impact Groups
TOR for Desk Review for SS IGs
ECARMU Regional Strategy 2010 - 2025
ECARMU Regional Strategy
Annex 2: Key Poverty Development Trends in ECA
Annex 2
Annex 3: Engaging with Regional Strategic Framework
Annex 3

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