Operationalizing the Program Approach

A number of country offices have embarked on the P-shift? What have been the implications on how offices operate? And how program/program-support teams work together? Or how projects work with each other?

Essentially, what has changed with the Program Approach?

Lessons Learnt in Developing Long-term Programs

From June 2010 to February 2011, a team of CARE staff and consultants undertook an inquiry to understand the path Learning Labs have taken to develop and take action toward programmatic ways of working. These inquiries highlight the successes, challenges and lessons learnt that each Learning Lab has undergone as it strives toward becoming a more programmatic organization.

Global Synthesis and Implications: Seeing and Acting in the World Differently

Read the global synthesis paper on observations and implications from across CO visits:

To present key findings and implications more accessibly, please see the following briefs:
  • Summary 1: Background and programmatic observations for working through a Program Approach: SAWD Part I_3Sept.pdf
  • Summary 2: Key observations on organizational systems and structures to support a Program Approach: SAWD Part 2_3Sept.pdf
  • Summary 3: Looking forward on promoting and supporting innovation and a Program Approach: SAWD Part 3_3Sept.pdf

Country Office Examples

Bangladesh - Reaching the Moon
Final Presentation: Bangladesh debrief.ppt
Final Report: Reaching the Moon_v8.doc
Summary Report:Summary of Recommendations_final_2.doc
Burundi - Learning to Leverage
Final Presentation: CBurundi Slides_master_final.pptx


Final Presentation: Nepal Summary June 2010.ppt

Tanzania - Courage to Lead
Final Presentation: TZ Slides_master_final.pptx