Pathways to Long-term Programming

The elements that have been identified as necessary to undertake the programmatic approach were developed using analysis of work that different Learning Labs have been doing to date. The programmatic approach is not a linear process, thus the specific sequence by which you would undertake these elements of the Pathway will only be clear after you have completed significant parts of the change process.

The graphic depicted below is a tool that Learning Labs can use to establish a common language for the work that you are all doing so that you can communicate with each other more easily. It is a high-level snap shot of the main elements of work that Learning Labs and others will need to move forward in order to shift to a long-term programming approach. Soon this graphic will be interactive - Wiki users will be able to click on specific elements in the graphic to find out more information on these elements.

Pathways Graphic

Build internal awarenss and buy-in Identify program themes Deepen situational analysis Design impact measurement and reflective learning systems Define theory of change and develop program strategies Organizational commitment Shift involves all aspects of the organization Resource mobilization Measure and monitor program quality and impact Aligning project portfolio change forms of relationship and accountability Learning and reflective practice Changing organizational structure Talent management New forms of financial analysis Operationalizing organizational performance management system Knowledge management New communications strategies Using technology as an enabler

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Pathways Elements handout

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