There are various regional groups that are key players in the shift to a programmatic approach in CARE. Below is the beginning of a list. If you belong to a regional group, please add your group to the list below. Create a link to a separate page for your regional group to provide more detailed information about the main priorities and work plan of your regional group.


  • Asia Regional Leadership Team
  • Asia Program Quality Working Group (PQWG)
  • Asia and Middle East and Eastern Europe Education Regional Advisory Committee (AMEE ERAC): Currently, this group consists of the following countries as members: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Areeg Hegazi recently established a google group as part of AMEE ERAC to share and exchange experiences and resources on the shift from projects to programs related to education. Karuna is the moderator of the group. Other countries interested in joining this group to learn more about the program shift as it relates to the education sector are encouragaed to send an email to Karuna at or click here to access the google group page.
  • Human Resource Network

Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC)

  • LAC Program Quality and Impact Team
  • LAC Leadership Team (LACLT): The LAC LT is committed to advancing CARE’s vision and goals by establishing clear priorities, and identifying and coordinating concrete actions for the region. The LAC LT consists of the Regional Manamgent Unit and the Country Office Directors in LAC, who work together to identify and analyze issues and trends, share knowledge and expertise and resources. The LAC LT held a meeting in September that had a strong focus on the program approach. Click here for more information on this meeting.
  • LAC Education Advisory Committee (ERAC): LAC ERAC has the objective of sharing learning and experiences in education and advocating for quality, equitable education in each of the countries. The LAC ERAC is comprised of project coordinators and sector managers.

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East and Central Africa

In ECARMU, a variety of regional cross-learning exchanges and initiatives take place. ECARMU has an ACD forum which is scheduled to evolve into a broader program quality group early in 2009.
  • A Program Quality Working Group (see its terms of reference) -this regional group of ACDs and Program Quality/Learning Coordinators support one another on program quality and program approach thinking.
  • Human Resource Network
  • Internal Audit Network
  • Information Technology Network: ECR ICT Network held its first gathering of Business Leaders with Technology Expertise in October 2008 in Tanzania. For more information on this meeting, go to **ECAR-IT Meeting Report**

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South Africa Region

The previous SWARMU region had a series of three theme team groups. These will now be reorganized, as the region cannot keep so many groups going, and a single program quality group is likely to be created, which can also combine theme based sessions, if required.

Following is information regarding the Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Group:

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West Africa Region

West Africa recently held its second Program Quality forum in Monrovia Liberia. If you want to read more about it, please click here .You can also read about our work in our newsletter which is published in French and English every two months. It is a short taste of what is going on in our region with articles written by staff in Country Offices. To get a hold of all the issues click here .

We are moving fast with the program approach in West Africa. We are working closely with staff and partners to identify impact groups, analyze the causes of poverty for these group and define what changes need to take place in society in order that these people live a dignified life free from poverty and social injustice. We have realized that if we are able to do this effectively with others – join forces for change – then we are more likely to have impact on the lives of those we serve.

Progress is particularly clear in Mali, Ghana, Benin, Niger and more recently in Liberia. Work is planned very soon in Sierra Leone where they have a task force that is working on finding out who the poorest people are and understanding the causes of poverty in that country. Our Ivory Coast colleagues are also embarking on their strategic planning process that will lead them down the path of reflection and exploration in order that they can make some programmatic decisions.

Our Program Quality Forum was really exciting, you can read more about it here

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Middle East and Eastern Europe (MEERMU)

MERMU has just undergone a reorganization, with two new coordinators in place for the MENA countries (Middle East and North Africa), and for the Eastern Europe (the Balkans and the Caucasus). Their sub-regional strategies will evolve. Georgia attended the Istanbul meeting, but with recent events its participation as a learning lab has been put on hold until 2009. A sub-regional approach may possibly end up being the focus of a learning lab in the Caucasus.

For information regarding regional groups in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, click on the links below:
For reports on Regional Program Approach initiatives and meetings click on the links below:

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