What's New on the Wiki... May 2010!!!

We want to thank everyone who has been posting on the P-shift Wiki.
We hope to increase the frequency of the newsletter as contributions to the wiki have radically increased.

Keep up the great work everyone!



ECARMU Regional Program Quality Group Terms of Reference
These new resources are found on the Program Quality Group wiki page:

  • Ghana has been working on its wiki page and has a ton of new information! Check it out!

Mozambique has posted its first two documents on its progress on creating a new program on its wiki site!

  • Coherent Programming - Documents CARE Nepal's work across different workstreams; This is an account of their journey across all of the elements of the pathways to long-term programming

The Program and Project Directory
  • The Program & Project Directory was rolled out in April 2010. Since then, we have received a lot of questions about the Directory. We have compiled the questions and answers and created a The Directory Frequently Asked Questions Page on the Global IM Wiki. The FAQ will be made available shortly in French and Spanish.

In the Practice Section of PQDL, the following new documents have been added:
We have also added a new sub-category in the Practice Section of PQDLcalled, "Key Resources for Project Managers" - The resources are currently available in English, Portuguese, and French.

The following documents have been added to the SII library:

WARMU has made some huge changes over the past few months. Visit these pages to see the changes:
  • Regions - WARMU have edited their overview
  • WARMU - their present programmatic status, signature programs and learning questions.
  • Program Quality Forum- The PQF meeting held in Monrovia in March 2010 action plans, annexes, and presentations are available

  • Vibrant Water Sector -The Water Team has posted an overview and a survey on their P-shift wiki page. More information on VWS is also available on the Water wiki.

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