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This is the place where all those who are moving forward the shift to a programmatic approach at CARE converge!

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What's New on the Wiki

Courtesy of CARE Ethiopia
Greetings ...
We want to thank everyone who has been posting on the P-shift Wiki. We hope to increase the frequency of the newsletter as contributions to the wiki have radically increased.

Malawi hosted the South Africa PQ forum in May 2010 and uploaded SARMU workshop documents to their site:
Vietnam posted some great documents about:
West Africa
Wondering what's been happening in West Africa? West Africa’s Program
Updates from the past few months are up!

May 2010 updates included:
  • Burundi
  • ECARMU RPQG Terms of Reference
  • ECA
  • Ghana
  • Mozambique
  • Nepal
  • The Program and Project Directory
  • PQDL
  • SII
  • Water

Upcoming Events

It's always great to see meetings being planned for the program approach.

If you have an upcoming event that you would like others on the p-shift to know about, please e-mail

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